Thursday, January 29, 2009

Solution to our problem...RAIN

Earlier this week I made a post...well more of a rant about all the winch spots in orlando being a bust or not hittable right now. The first solution we did was build a rail away from all human kind, they don't seem to like all these water monsters running around orlando. We were able to winch the incline all wednesday afternoon with no one bothering us...Great Success!

Andrew Krouse testing the rail out with a buttery backboard frontshuv

Today I awoke to windy, cloudy, and unfavorable conditions, however everyone was ready to winch. We took some cinder blocks and sandbags to a gap that is only hittable in the rain, and let me tell you it was pouring. The good thing about it raining so hard was that no one actually seemed to care that we were winching...hmmmm With this in mind we might just have to wait till it rains to winch with no hassles.

Jon comes prepared to film in the rain

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