Monday, January 26, 2009


All those red squares are winch possibilities, you would think out of 40 something odd locations we would find one to hit....wrong

I thought winching was suppose to make wakeskating more accessible, it seems the opposite lately in orlando...there is officially not one gap to hit in orlando.

Metro West - Drought
Dr Phillips - Drought
Deer creek - Bust
Lee Road - Bust ( got arrested )
Hunters Creek - Bust ( got arrested )
Goldenrod - Bust
Airport - Bust
Water Monsters rail - M.I.A.
Pine Creek - No landing water
Baldwin Park - Bust
Castle creek - maybe but probably not flowing
Lake Howell road gap - that bitchy lady still lives there bust
Blanchard - Gators / immediate bust

and finally, I put a rail in my backyard and my neighbor starts throwing a fit about how I'm ruining his property value because he can see the rail from his house.

Never thought my own backyard would be a BUST.

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  1. theres a little gap at the old 408 gap it is over the side walk dam thing.
    just look out b/c it is the nastiest landing water i have ever winched haha


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